The issue on Christopher Lao: A joke gone overboard?

Facebook, twitter, blogs and day-to day conversations discussed and gossiped about the mistake of Christopher Lao as his car floats in the middle of a flooded street.

I became curious so I also watched the video.  Sure it was funny at first but when people make a fan page or even Youtube videos about it (see video below), don't you think it has gone overboard?

I did my research and it turns out Christopher Lao is a UP law summa cum laude.  He is even going to take his bar exam this year and a bar bet too.  That fact alone made me realize that I could never have the right to make fun of the guy and even felt sorry for laughing at it.  The guy just made a mistake.  Let's all move on before we get the last laugh right?

Come to think of it.  I've never imagine a joke like this would be as viral as scandals.  Does this mean that Filipinos care a lot about humility or intelligence?