Cadbury Bloggers Chocoholic Night at Bizu Patisserie & Bistro

Last  night, Cadbury invited us over at Bizu Patisserie & Bistro.  It was one of the best bloggers night ever!

Photo booth
When I received the invite, there were two words that captivated me: "Cadbury" and "Chocoholic".  Our family loves Cadbury especially my little sister.  Ever since we were young, my little sister would always make sure our fridge had Cadbury Fruit and Nuts.  Seriously, whenever I am craving for chocolates, I'd open our fridge and there it is always on the chocolate compartment.  I'm a certified Chocoholic.=)   Would I passed up a "Chocoholic" night?  Of course, not!  After a series of questions (just to make sure they got the right blog), we confirmed our attendance.
Kurt's Plate
My Plate
When we arrived, we had our pictures taken at the photo booth.  For me, the photo booth is an excellent test of reflex and focus which I'm terrible at.  Soon, the buffet was opened.  It was a full course selection starting from pastries, salad to roast beef.  Although every dish was delicious, we loved the Poulet Roti and the 10-Hour Roast Beef the most.  Both were succulent, tender and juicy.
Dessert Anyone?
For dessert, we had an Opera cake, Mango Chiboust and a cream puff (not sure if that what they're called).  The Opera cake was heavenly!  It had rich dark bitter-sweet ganache and coffee butter cream that melts in your mouth.  It was simply irresistible.  We'll be back for that soon.=)
First team for the first game
They prepared three exciting mind games.  The first game was a counting game.  It looks simple but I failed in both our attempts.  The most synchronized blogger group was the "Certified Foodies".  The second game was Pinoy Henyo which I missed because I had something to attend to.  Sadly, no one won this game.  The words were simply too tough to be guessed.=p  For the last game, we played the portrait game.  Can't believe they even prepared a portrait for props.  How nice of them.=)   Its the first time that I have heard of the game.  The mechanics is pretty simple.  Put on a "poker face"  for as long as you can while others distract you or make you laugh.  This game was natural for my little sister and I.  For me, it was just like a typical law class where you have to be serious.=)  Too bad Kurt missed this game because he had to run somewhere on my behalf.  Winners were awarded Starbucks gift certificates.
Prizes awarded to Certified Foodies
After the games, the beautiful Georgina Wilson, introduced the Cadbury Dairy Milk Joy Shots Promo (see separate entry).   The Grand Prize for this contest is a trip to Boracay so be sure to check out the Cadbury Philippines Fan Page for the complete mechanics.

We had a short "fondue-ing" (got the term from Captain America: The First Avenger movie) time.  We were all tired for the long day so we took off earlier than the rest.  Now, I know I shouldn't juggle engagements.  (see separate entry) I was beat.=( Luckily, we have no classes on Saturday.  Yey!
Fondue! Apple, Mango, Melon and Grapes
Check out our Cadbury loot.  I see some Fruits & Nuts in there. ❤ ❤ 
Thank you so much Cadbury Philippines for the best bloggers night ever!  Surely, this will be an unforgettable night for all of us.=)