The Tattoo Tatt Awards at Manila Peninsula Hotel

Last night, we attended the Tattoo Tatt Awards at Manila Peninsula, Rigodon Ballroom.  The venue was memorable for me because that was where I had my Junior-Seniors prom when I was in 3rd year high school.    

Before we entered the ballroom, our photos were taken and we posted it together with the rest.  Cool right?

Maria Ressa
@FireceDong and @Maria_Ressa gave an awesome speech.  Although, I am not very active in twitter, I followed Ms. Maria Ressa after her powerful speech.=) The Tatt Awards Awarding proceeded hosted by Divine Lee and Tim Yap.  Other indie rocker nominees such as Paramita (Check video below), Johnoy Danao and the YouTube sensation with 1 million views Arjohn Gilbert showcased their music during the intervals. 

Arjohn Gilbert

Johnoy Danao

I previously posted my votes (see separate entry) and some of them won.  How about yours?  And the winner for the Tatt Awards are... 

  • Stylismo - Laureen Uy
Laureen Uy
  • Ballbreaker - Lea Salonga (represented by her mom Ligaya Salonga)
  • Word Slayer - Roy Reyes Landicho
Roy Reyes Landicho
  • Artiste - Jin Joson
Jin Joson
  • Tech Junkie - Mark Macanas
  • Thought Mover - Bianca Gonzalez (via video)
  • The Advocate - Elizabeth Angsioco
Elizabeth Angsioco
  • Indie Rocker - Up Dharma Down (performed on stage)

  • Video Slinger - Mikey Bustos (via Youtube Video)
  • The One - Filipino Free Thinkers
Filipino Free Thinkers
All the winners, speakers and hosts
Special award to Ms. Divine Lee
Special Award to Arjohn Gilbert
There were also special awards given to Ms. Divine Lee, Arjohn Gilbert and Maria Aragon for their outstanding accomplishments through social media.  

We also met Globe Tattoo endorsers Alodia Gosiengfiao and Coach Rio.
Alodia Gosiengfiao
Coach Rio
The sweet and innocent Maria Aragon performed two of her debut songs while everyone enjoyed the buffet.  Soon, the DJ started to play the music and there was free flowing drinks from the bar.  

Overall, it was an awesome night.  A big congratulations to the winners!  It was great that we got to meet our social media idols.  To be honest, its amazing that they may look like you and me but through social media, their powers are limitless.  We wanted to stay and party but we had to leave for the Suplado Show (see separate entry)