Congratulations to Koko Pimentel Jr. on his proclamation as senator

Although I'm not the much interested in politics, I would like to congratulate my professor for his proclamation as senator, a position he rightfully deserves.
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I first met him as my professor in Statutory Construction.  It was an early morning class during Saturdays.  He is a great professor.  He taught us a lot even beyond the rules and codes.  He was also my professor in Legal Ethics.  Based on his style of teaching, I observed that him as strict and righteous person.  He always taught us that a life of a lawyer should be

I recall one time my classmates asked him if he wanted to run again for election.  He told us since he already lost, he won't run anymore.  He said he would rather teach.  In fact, he still teaches now.

I'm glad that the truth was finally unveiled that he had 257,000 votes more than Zubiri.  I guess we all know how disheartening it is to lose by cheatery.  This is a sign of Justice prevailing in the Philippines.  I hope more Justice will prevail in the future.