St. Francis Natural Healthcare Center by Sr. Regina a.k.a Shengrong Liu: Acupuncture for my PCOS & Eczema

After my short recovery from eczema, I discovered that I had more health problems.  And, because of that I wanted to try acupuncture once again.  I have read a lot online about St. Francis Health Clinic by Sr. Regina a.k.a Shengrong Liu

st francis health clinic
First, let me elaborate on health problems... Last December, I was suppose to jog with friend when I had a really bad case of  Dysmenorrhea.  Because of that I just had to go and have it checked.  I went to my sisters OB at Healthway who suggested that I have an ultrasound and blood test.  I already knew it was bad news when the sonographist  and assistant were discussing at how odd my uterus is.  Upon receiving the result, it was stated that I had septate uterus.  The OB also discovered that I had PCOS.  She told me not to worry as my issues can be fixed.  She referred me to Dr. Joan Tan Garcia who she says specializes in PCOS.  Dr. Joan Tan Garcia advised me to exercise at least 4 hours a day and lessen my carbs.  She also required me to have a more extensive blood work.  As regards my septate uterus, she said I don't need to address it yet until I get married.  I got really sad and depressed and together with my busy schedule of work and exercise (yoga and indoor cycling), my eczema recurred by my leg and as of this moment it is getting bigger and bigger and spreading...

st francis health clinic
When my cousin heard about my PCOS issue, I discovered that it is common in the family so they suggested an OB.  I intend to go there for second opinion too.  But before that, I decided to try Sr. Regina Liu first because having so many issues, I wanted to check first a more holistic approach. 

Thanks to the guides in the internet, I was able to find St. Francis Health Clinic which had no signage from the outside.  All you have to look for is a green gate with number 19 along Panay Avenue (near the corner of Roces Avenue).  It is beside Japan Home Centre's warehouse (next to Mandarin Sky and BGC Hostel).  The small gate is already open and the guard is already expecting customers to come in.

st francis health clinic
My appointment was supposed to be at 1 pm but because it was raining and traffic, I got there at 2 pm.  Good thing I was accommodated because booking had to be 2 weeks in advance because slots are already full. 

Upon entering, I can't help but notice that the place is reeking with smoke.

St. Francis Natural Healthcare Center
But, I still focused on answering their 3-page questionaire.  I seated on the waiting area along with older Chinese women and Filipino married couples. 

St. Francis Natural Healthcare Center
This is my second time to try acupuncture.  The first one didn't involve answering an extensive medical chart like this...  I think this is better because they want to be able to address all your issues as much as possible.  Although I am aware that Sr. Regina Liu focuses on fertility and reproductive problems.

fertility acupuncture
I decided to seat outside because of the smoke.  There were a couple of young Filipino couples there too.  After around 15 minutes, I was called in by the receptionist and let to cubicle 4.  There were 12 cubicles in all.  While waiting, 2 nurses passed by asking me to wait as Sister will be coming anytime soon.  While waiting, I can't help but notice the room had photos of children (noticeably Filipino-Chinese with chinky eyes just like me).  Some of the photos had a thank you letter for Sister Regina Liu.  At first, I was struck with hope.  But, then I thought... it took me two months to book here.  There are around 15 people signed up on the log when I signed in.  So if there are 12 cubicles with 8 baby photos each then that would sum up to only 96 right?  But, Sr. Regina has been treating for almost 10 years with around 20 clients per day...   The odds aren't that great if you think that way right?  My thought was broken when the 3rd nurse asked for my name and shortly after Sister Regina came in.

fertility acupuncture
Sr. Regina seemed calm as she checked my Medical Chart.  Then she said, "So you have Septate Uterus.  Most of my clients have Septate but have successfully given birth." I said, "But, my doctor said I will need surgery." She said, "Yes, surgery may be needed depending on how centered it is.  But, with or without surgery... many have become pregnant."  I appreciated her assurance somehow. 
Then she asked how often my menstrual period was, how long and when was the last time.  She also asked if I had to take pain reliever during my period.  I told her no.  The pain is usually mild especially since I exercise.  She also asked who my OB was.  I told her I only visited once so I forgot.  She also asked if I was taking Metformin and I told her No.  She also asked the areas of my eczema and acknowledged my poor digestion issue which I've written on the form.  She told me to avoid drinking cold.  I told her I always feel cold.  She asked me what time I slept at night, I told her around 11 to 12 am and she said very late.

She then said, so you want to try acupuncture huh?  Then, instructed me show my tongue as she pointed me to lay on the bed.  She quickly began putting in needles on me.  The first one is the only one I felt.  It was on the left side forehead.  The others was painless.  I had some on the scalp, left lower arm, right lower arm, stomach area, and both legs and foot.  After placing the needles she left and I didn't see her again.

As soon as Sr. Regina left, a nurse came in placed a heated lamp on my stomach and asked me if I could handles the tingling pressure.  She also place a moxa next to both of my lower leg.  She asked if it was my first time.  I said, it was my first time there but second time for acupuncture.  I told her the first time had very few needles.   She then told me well, this time it's a lot as I have 21 needles in total.  She told me that the session will take 30 minutes. She left and and came back half way to check.  During that time, I just took a nap... not minding that the smoky smell of the moxa which I didn't like prior to the session.  After 30 minutes, another nurse removed the needles.  She wasn't as smooth as Sr. Regina so I felt the needles being removed as opposed to not feeling anything when they were put in. 

I then went to the reception.  The woman before me paid only 1,100 php so I was expecting an amount roughly like that too.  But, turns out mine was 2,210.  No receipt or any advise was given expect okay na so I just left. 

I now wonder if I need to go back for more sessions... But, let's see first if my issues will improve...

St. Francis Health Care Clinic
Address: 19 Panay Avenue, Quezon City (very near Panay cor. Roces Avenue)
Directions: Along Quezon Avenue (heading towards Circle), turn right at Roces (you will see SOGO Hotel). Turn right at Panay. Pass by BGC Hostel, Mandarin Sky, Japan Home Center's Warehouse  then you will see a big green gate with 19 in green.  The small gate is on the right side. 
Call first for appointment: (02) 373.5503 (0917) 541.5464