Venice Piazza Night Market: The Ultimate Budget Food Trip!

Last night, I took my last final exams for the term.  It was difficult than expected but it was a relief that the finals week was finally over.   What better way to celebrate than to have a food trip!  So I went straight to Venice Piazza Night Market to join Kurt and other bloggers in a night of food feast, live music and other festivities.  
Venice Piazza Blogger's Night courtesy of Venice Piazza Night Market,Fruitas and Boardwalk
There was also a bar specially for the event.  Most of the bloggers enjoyed themselves alcoholic beverages but we don't drink so we savored ourselves with food.
There were a lot of food and drink stalls.  I was surprised that most of the dishes were at an average price of only 70 php.   That's extremely cheap.  If it were in my school area in our Makati campus or Taft campus, that price would only fetch you a fairly decent drink.  So its really a bargain!  People working and living aaround McKinley Hill are so lucky they have a food place like this nearby.  

Let me give you a quick tour.  

These are the stalls having drinks as their specialty:  
Ai Tea
Fruitas and Black Pearl are classic, tried and tested brands which all of us are familiar with so if you don't want to risk then you're safe with these.  Ai Tea is a new tea brand exclusive only at Venice Piazza Night Market.  I tried a shot glass of their Thai Tea.  It was good but I still prefer Milk Tea.  I really liked Zuper Zhots "Shirley Mix Story" drink the most.  For a long time, I've loved the four seasons drink but this drink is even better.  It's deliciously tasty and very smooth to the throat as though it was only water.  It was not too strong or too sweet at all.  I wish I could describe the taste more in words but I can't so you have to taste it for yourself.  I assure you, you won't regret it!=)
Zuper Zhots
As expected, there are more food stalls.  I bet you can eat here everyday and never get tired with all the variety.  Here are the food stalls:
Polland Hopia
If you love Chinese food like we do, I highly recommend you try out Polland's Baked Chicken.  All the bloggers were impressed with this dish.  The rest of their food are delicious too.  For the quality of the food they serve, I'm shocked that their price is only 60-75 php.  The owner was also there energetic throughout the night, giving FREE samplers to passersby.  She is confident with the quality and pricing of her food. The crowd seemed to be convinced too.  
If you enjoy Mexican flavors then I recommend you try out Mexikanto.  For an affordable price, they offer your favorite Mexican snacks like Tacos, Burritos, Nachos, Quesadillas and more.  I'm a bit picky when it comes to Mexican dishes but I really liked their version of it.
Kbop Diner
Want to taste delicious Korean dishes that fits your budget?  Check out Kbop diner!  We tried their Bibimbap and Korean Dumpling and we both agreed it's pretty good.  If you're very hungry, I dare you to try out Order All You Can Breakfast only for 189 php.  
Treasure Oven
Treasure Oven offers dishes like Chicken Fillet, Fish Fillet with Tartar Sauce, Baked Macaroni and I think it was Carbonara.  I tried the Carbonara with salami and olives because it looked interesting.  It was okay.  The creamy white sauce was contrasted by the olives.  
Simply Deliciouso
Simply Deliciouso offers the best enchilada we've ever tasted hands down!  I never thought an enchilada could taste that good.  You guys should try it!  The owners are husband and wife foreigners and are really nice.=)  Kurt wants to add that their flautas though a bit spicy is really good too!
Kurt tried the Shawarma but he didn't like it.  When I tasted it, I instantly knew why.  It was chunky and meaty but it was overcooked and burned so it had a bitter taste.  On some chunks that were cooked just right, the flavor was good.  I think it deserves another chance.

Jacqueline Anne's Catering Services
Update: I brought home their food and my brother said it was good! My brother was always hard to please when it comes to food so I was surprised that he liked it.=)
Z's Sausage
I saw a lot of crowd surrounding Z's Sausage but I never got to try it out because of the long line.=(  I have a hunch that it's delicious!
Duday Ihaw2
When it was already 1:30 a.m., we all wanted to go home but Kurt was missing.  I searched for him over the booths and found him at Duday's happily eating "Isaw".  It was quite rare for me to eat "Isaw" because my stomach cannot stand dirty food.  So I was also happy to be able to eat "Isaw" there because it was safe, clean and delicious.=D

We also tried the Carlo's Kitchen.  We ordered the  beef steak with mushroom sauce and the crispy liempo.  It is best paired with their fried rice.  The store owner insisted we try out the crispy liempo so we did and it was one of a kind!  Amazing! It was so crispy all throughout even the meat in it!  Better than Chicharon in my opinion.

For snacks and desserts, you can visit these stalls:

Simply Sweets by Mommy Lei
We recently, wrote about Medchef by Hasset Go.( see separate entry)  Well, Mommy Lei is actually Chef Hasset's mother and baking mentor.  I bought some cream puffs (3 for 100 php) and she gave as a few slices of cakes to take home.  I'll write about that once I've tried them out.=)

We were given samplers of the Brazo Bars Original Flavor and I liked it.  I wanted my family to try it out so we also bought a box of flavored Brazo bars (50 php/bar) from Supreme Brazo Bars by Cez Lopez.  Perhaps, I'll review them too.

There are also merchandise stalls in case you want to shop.  There's a clothing and perfume stalls.  
That's it for now.  Please await my next post on our food tasting and food pics.=)