Koka Stir-Fry Instant Noodles Mi Goreng

I have to admit, I'm not really a good cook and I'm a bit sloppy with the kitchen so I sometimes resort to instant noodles.  My favorite stir-fry noodles is the Koka Stir Fry Instant Noodles Mi Goreng.
koka stir-frykoka stir-fry
koka stir-fry

The procedure for preparation is quite simple.  So whenever I'm hungry I just boil the noodles for 2 minutes and mix everything inside the package with the noodles.  It tastes like garlic and onions with something else.  If you don't mix it well though it could get a bit salty.  This is the only stir-fry noodles that I eat because I'm really a soup type of person so I prefer noodle soups.