Comedy Night with Stanley Chi, Ony Carcamo and Justin Pinon at the Grillery Cafe

We left the party at the Tatt Awards (see separate entry), for a night of laid back comedy night at the Grillery Cafe.  The Grillery Cafe is a humble and a bit hidden cafe located in the midst of Guijo Street in Makati.  It's walls are decorated by arts from various Filipino artists and all art pieces are for sale.

When we arrived at 11:00 p.m., we thought we were late as all the bloggers and their friends were already there.  Turns out, we were just in time as the show was just about to start.  It was the our first time to watch a comedy show and we had a tons of fun!
The first to perform was mentalist Justin Pinon.  It was my first time to watch a mentalist whether on screen or live.  The guy was awesome.  He can read muscle movements, tone, and more to know what you think. He guessed the volunteers words such as "yellow" and "pacifier" despite them being difficult.
Justin Pinon

The best of Justin Pinon's act is when he was blind folded and was able to guess what the items the volunteer picked-up just by her muscle movements.
The next to perform was ventriloquist Ony Carcamo.  I've watched a ventriloquist on Kiddie birthday parties before but the memory is quite vague.  Mr. Ony Carcamo has excellent ventriloquist skills but I failed to catch some of his jokes.  His style of jokes is leaving out clues that will lead you to the humor.  I have to admit, I'm kinda weak at that.
Finally, it was Stanley Chi's turn to make us laugh.  His style of jokes were about his life.   It was simple, witty and good.  I was expecting him to do live some of his "Suplado Tips" but I guess that for the radio shows.  He also announced his upcoming book "The Suplado Stories" coming this December.  His first book "Suplado Tips" are now in its second printing after being sold out.
 He then awarded the winners of his Suplado Contest.  I won a shirt too.=)
During the night, Stanley Chi also asked for participants and awarded them with Unisilver time GCs and books.

Thank you Stanley Chi for the complimentary Cheesy Fries which we munched on during the show.
Grillery Cafe Cheesy Fries
Overall, we had a good night and some good laughs.