Suplado Tips from Stanley Chi because Suplado is the New Sexy

I'm the type of person who has difficulty in comprehending jokes from magazine or sometimes movies.  Naturally, I'm not that fond of comedies so its the first time I've heard of Stanley Chi and his book "Suplado Tips".

When you hear "Suplado", there is a negative connotation to it right?  Like when you don't notice your friend waving to you at a mall, you'll hear them say "Hoy! Suplado!"  By that, you'll have an immediate defensive reaction and will reply "Hindi ah!"  
So when I heard a booked named "Suplado Tips" being a best-seller, I became curious that I had to search the book store for it.  I'm so glad I did because I had the WRONG idea.  The book explains how being a "Suplado" can help change your life.  It teaches you to be witty at times when being a "Suplado" becomes a necessity.  That's right being a "Suplado" is not a full time job but it may be helpful at times.  A perfect example is when a guy wants to impress a woman.  I'm sure most of us girls will agree that we don't like easy guys.  With the "Suplado Tips" from Stanley Chi, I'm sure you can make an impression.  

This reminds me of my childhood.  When I was young, I was always teased.  You'd be surprised at how many nicknames I had and how many boys I was teased with.   Years later, I asked them seriously,  "Why me?  Why was I always the one being teased?"  They all said, "Because you're too nice.  Hindi ka kasi napipikon eh! (you never get irritated)"  So lesson learned.  Being nice is good but being too nice is NOT!  A person should be balanced in everything.

Stanley Chi is a genius for figuring that being a "Suplado" is actually the new sexy.  It takes wit to pull off Suplado stunts.  We're so lucky that he has his tips ready to be read.  Here's a few of his Suplado lines that is sure to leave the other person speechless.=p

"Pa-English English ka pa, Sipain kita dyan eh!"

Haha! Funny but it works right?
His book is a huge success that he is joining Iya Villania and Sam Milby as endorsers of Unisilver time.  He's very own "Suplado Watch" will be releasing this August.  So check out his new book and you can also catch him over the Suplado Show at