Found a Brand New Sony NWZ-E444 MP3 player on

It's our first time to purchase a gadget on  It's a brand new but old model Sony NWZ-E444 MP3.
For an 8 GB mp3, its cheaply priced at 3,500 php so we bought it.  We used it for a week with no problem but one ear of the earphones suddenly broke.  The mp3 is still working though and the sound is awesome.  Honestly, its way better than my Philips Raga.  I guess that's why new models of Sony Walkman Mp3 are priced so high even more expensive than an Ipod.

Video Player
I guess buying an old model may be good or not so good depending on the price.  In our case, the Sony earphone can easily be replaced so its still a good bargain.