New Hobby: Sticker Collecting in Manila

When in pre-school, my little sisters and I used to collect stickers.  I recall memories of begging our parents to buy us sticker albums and stickers.  We used to check out stores just to see if they had stickers.  Sometimes, we'd go out to the small sari-sari store near our school and buy some.  We would trade and negotiate with each other.  (As if stickers are currencies!=p)  Well, you can't blame us since stickers are one of the few things we could buy back then.
So why am I talking about stickers?  Recently, I discovered about  It is a social network for entertainment.  You get to check-in what you are thinking, watching, reading and listening.  It can also help you find your the next movie, books and music albums.  You can also collect FREE stickers randomly when you check-in.  When you reach 20 stickers, you can have it sent to you wherever you are.
I tried it for several weeks until I finally collected 20 stickers and had it sent over.  After a  month, I got a mail and there it was my FREE stickers from in New York.  

My family thought it was weird that I got excited over this.  They think I'm too old for sticker collecting.  Am I?  If you think about it.  These stickers represent me.  I got these stickers by checking-in what I wanted to do.  So if you were to view my album in the future, you could tell what I've watched, read, thought about and listened too even without me blogging about it or telling you about it right?  Thus, a new hobby is born.
Check out our sticker albums when we were kids.  The one with the Sesame Street stickers is mine.  (we used to watch Sesame Street everyday during lunch time when we were kids) While the rest I borrowed from my sisters just for sharing purposes.  How about you?  Did you collect when you were a child too?=)