Restaurant Review: Pepper Lunch at Greenbelt 5

Last week, my little sisters and I ate at Pepper Lunch at Greenbelt 5.  This was our first time to eat at this branch.   The place was packed and there were people outside lining up.  I ordered the Beef Pepper Rice (215 php) while my little sisters ordered Beef Teriyaki (325 php).   For dessert we ordered the Vanilla Crepe Cake (120 php)

After around 10 minutes wait, our food was served in their traditional round hot plates.   We turned the meat to cook them evenly.  It was good.  The sensation of hot meat and the pepper rice was delicious.  However, near the end I felt it was "nakakaumay" (too tiring to eat) because the oil from the fats of the meat was too oily for me.  I'm not a fond of oily food.   On the otherhand, my little sisters were satisfied with their Beef Teriyaki.
Beef Pepper Rice

Beef Teriyaki
I loved the Vanilla Crepe Cake.  It was light and not too sweet.  It was delicious.  We finished our dessert, filled up their comment form and drop it off before we left.
Vanilla Crepe Cake

comment form
Overall, it was okay.  The price was a above average.  The taste was good.  Its a place we can always go back for when we are craving for grilled or sizzling meat.  Read about our next visit (see separate entry)