Revived Casa Marcos at Forbestown Global City

My parents, uncles and aunts used to eat dinner together every Saturday when we were kids.  One of their favorite places was "Casa Marcos" which closed down in 2000.  A friend told them that they saw Casa Marcos reopened at Forbestown so they all decided to eat there to reminisce.  Thank you relatives for inviting us and for getting used to new habit of taking pictures of the food.=)

Stairway Display

Stairsway leading to the 2nd floor

2nd floor dining area


Small Pandesal Served While Waiting
The place was small and simple.  It had a bar and outdoor dining area on the first floor and more dining areas on the second floor.  The bread bar is also advertised at the establishment because they have the same owner.

While waiting, a basket of small pandesal was being served with anchor butter.  It was a small soft pandesal.  It was unsweetened nor salted.  Because it was small, you could eat it in two bites.   It was good but not the best.  I still prefer the crunchy on the outside yet soft in the inside pandesal.
 Sopa de Mariscos 

Ceasar Salad
For soup we all ordered Sopa de Mariscos (160 php).  It was my mom's favorite so she recommended that we order it.  When our soup came, my mom was surprised that it was not the light creamy tomato soup that she remembered.  It was more like a bisque.  The taste was good.  It was flavorful.  It had  a small crab and a piece of pork.  The pork was tough.  We also ordered Ceasar Salad.  It was good but nothing I'd rave about.  It was cheesy and the sauce delicious.

For appetizer, we had Almejas (190 php).  The baked clams were small and dried.  It was delicious but they were so small I had to eat a lot to enjoy it.  My cousins ordered Frog Legs (230 php).  They said it was okay.
For steak, we ordered Pepito (295 php), Tenderloin (Local) (450 php) and Fillet Mignon (495 php).  They were all cooked well-done perfectly.  They were tender and juicy.

For our main dish we ordered Adobong Baboy Damo (295 php), Lengua Sevillana (295 php) Kalderetang Kambing (330 php) and Kalderetang Usa.   For staple food, we choose the Paella Marinera (495 php) and Garlic rice (35 php)
Adobong Baboy Damo
The Adobong Baboy Damo was tender.  It was also fat-free.  It was my first time to taste this.  It tasted a bit peppery but I focused more on the texture.  It was different from the ordinary meat I've tasted.

Kalderetang Kambing
Kalderetang Usa
The Kalderetang Kambing and Usa had the same sauce but their meat were distinct.  The Kalderetang Kambing was good.  It was at par with all the previous ones I've tried.  On the other hand, the Usa meat had a weird smell.  It's texture was different.  My sister didn't like it.  She couldn't take the smell.  it was okay for me.  I'm not exactly picky when it comes to smell because I love foul smelling cheese as well.  It was a good must-try-for-once-in-your-life experience.

Paella Marinera 
The Paella Marinera was good.  The texture of the rice was perfect.  It was with adequate amount of ingredients.  It was not "nakakumay" (too tiring to eat).
Overall, the food was good.  The price was reasonable for Spanish Cuisine.  However, it was not the classic Casa Marcos that my parents,aunts and uncles loved and remembered.  How about you?  Care to share your experience?

Casa Marcos
Burgos Circle
Forbestown, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Metro Manila