Walk-in Aerobics Sessions at CCP Complex

We had the chance to pass by three aerobics group sessions.  Unlike gyms and dance schools which require memberships, here you can simply walk-in and pay a small fee to the instructors.  Payment schemes seems to be on honesty basis.

The first one is a bit hidden.  Beside Jollibee near CCP, you have to walk towards the "bangketas" (stalls).  Deep inside you can see there is a small stage with an instructor.  They are there every Sundays around 5:00 a.m.  The fee here is 20 php.

Bangketas or Stalls Beside Jollibee CCP Complex
CCP Aerobics Group 1
The next group is found in a parking lot.  They have a DJ and loud speakers.  They have more instructors around 4 or 5 line up in the front.  Notice here that both instructors and the followers are all faced in the face direction.  They are here everyday.  (Sorry we were not able to ask how much is the fee)
Finally, the last and the most visible group.  You can see this group because they are located along Roxas Boulevard.  There is a single instructor and loud sounds.  You can even see foreigners participating here.  They are there every Sundays around 5:00 a.m.  The fee here is 30 php.

So in case you feel the need to be fit and want to try out aerobics, just head over to CCP and pick the group you want.  Good Luck!  Who knows maybe you may see us there!