My Cousins Birthday at The Century Seafood Restaurant

Our family is very close with each other.  We celebrate birthdays together.  Last July 21 was my cousins birthday so we were invited over for dinner at The Century Seafood Restaurant.  The Century Seafood Restaurant is a favorite restaurant of most Chinese and most occasions are celebrated there.

The food is typically ordered by the host for all the guests except for the drinks.  I always order four seasons if available.
Four Seasons ~ My favorite!
The food comes in a certain order.  After decades of this, I've already become accustomed to it.  I'm not sure of the exact name of the dishes though.  I only know their typical name.

Sharks Fin Soup
Sharks Fin Soup with black vinegar
 I liked their shark's fin soup because the shark's fin is in large chunks.  I would have liked it better though if it was in its natural color.

Pancit Canton
Mushroom Abalone
Steamed Lapu-lapu
Fried Pigeon
Taro Balls
Prawns with Wasabi Sauce
King Crab
 For the main dishes, I liked everything except the taro balls.  I really don't like the natural taste of the taro even if it has a shrimp in it.  I had so much of the abalone and the pigeon because their my favorites.  Only a few ate the crab because we were to lazy to eat it.  The prawns were pretty good.  Its the first time I've tried this and I'd certainly want to taste them again.

Melon with Sago
Snow ball with peanut butter
 For dessert, we had melon salo and the snow ball with peanut butter.  I liked them both.  It's my first time to taste a snow ball with peanut butter in it.  It's usually filled with black bean paste.  It was delicious!
Blew the candle and snag happy birthday!
 Overall, the meal was excellent.  I love chinese food and this is one of the best place to dine for chinese cuisine.  You can't go wrong here.  How about you?  Have you tried this yet?  Do you order the same as we usual do?  Maybe you could recommend some new dishes.=)