Our Incubus Live In Manila Experience (pics + video)

A few days ago, I mentioned Incubus performing live here in Manila (see separate entry)  Our excitement was not wasted.  The concert was a blast!
Compliments of Oracare and Ovation Productions
Large Crowd at Araneta
Full House at Araneta Colliseum
We only managed to get Upper Box B tickets so we had to be early.  I'm so guilty that I had to cut a really good and fun class, my favorite subject "Corporate Law" with my favorite professor, just to grab a chance to have good seats.  But when we arrived, the place was already packed so we had to choose either to stand up and have a good view or seat down with an awful view. Thinking that we could seat as much as we want anytime but to watch one of my favorite bands play live is rare, we choose to stand up.

The show started at 8 p.m. with "Franco" playing around five songs for the opening performance.  They're a "superband" here in the Philippines.  Most of them are Cebuanos.  Although I'm not familiar with their songs, they did a pretty good job entertaining people who are eager to watch Incubus.
After setting up the stage at around 9:20 p.m., the lights closed and the crowds cheered for Incubus' introduction song, Megalomaniac.

From the first song until the last, the voice of the crowd singing, clapping and cheering filled the stadium.  I didn't even notice I stood for more than an hour.  I'm so glad they played all my favorite songs.  My friends were wondering why the song "Stellar" wasn't played.  Here is the song list during the show:
(For more videos check us out at Youtube)

1. Megalomaniac

2. Wish You Were Here

3. Consequence
4. Pardon Me

5. Anna Molly
6. Love Hurts
7. Circles
8. Look Alive
9. Promises, promises
10. The Warmth
11. Drive
12. Sick Sad, Little World
13. Isadore
14. Glass
15. Talk Shows on Mute
16. Adolescents
17. Crow

After these, the lights went off.  People shouted "We want more" for a few minutes.  The sound was almost deafening.  As expected, they came back to play more songs.  I'm surprised they even sang "I Miss You".  Its been a long time since I heard that song again.  But still as meaningful.=) They also performed "Wolves" and "Nice to Know You".  
They performed so well, its really difficult to pick which song was the best for the night.  I enjoyed Drive, Promises, Promises and Wish You Here the most.  
After the show Oracare toothpaste and mouthwash were being distributed.  There was also a Minute Maid and Coke Zero booth.  I chose Minute Maid over Coke Zero liked most people did.  Perhaps, we were all health-conscious and preferred a no preservative drink?
Overall, definitely worth the watch.  I missed their concert last 2008, so I'm really glad I gotthe opportunity this time around.  I bet this time around is better since they had more songs to offer.  One of the best concerts ever!