Takumi-Senri Yakiniku ~Authentic Japanese in Malate

Last month, we ate at Takumi.  As we entered, we noticed that most customers here are Japanese.  The ambiance is good.  They have a dining area, sushi bar, drinks station and private rooms.  You could also view their kitchen through its glass window.

Hmm.. Why are their chopsticks named after another resto?
Looking at their menu, it was really difficult to decide on what to order.  (see partial menu below) Most of my family ordered noodles while I ordered Gyudon because I was craving for it.  Gyudon is one of my favorite Japanese dishes!  Their orders were Miso Ramen, Syouyu Udon, Kitsune Udon, Tempura Udon and Wakame Udon.  

Tempura Udon
 Wakame Udon
Kitsune Udon
Syouyu Udon
Miso Ramen
All their noodles were delicious!  Each have their different broth taste.  The Miso Ramen was huge and difficult to finish.  The best noodles for the night was Wakame Udon.  It's a must-try!  It was light, flavorful and refreshing.  
 Their Gyudon was very chunky.  It was the first time I ate Gyudon with beef cubes instead of strips.  It was a heavy meal.  Look at all those meat and tendons.  The taste was good but certainly not the best.  The meal also comes with free soup.

Overall, the meal was good.  You get to taste authentic Japanese flavors.  Meal servings are big so price is just right.  The ambiance is quiet and customers are Japanese so you get to feel their culture.   If you want to try it out, I recommend the Wakame Udon!  Simply the one of the best I've tried!  Hope you share you're dining experience here too!

UPDATE: Ate here again last Nov 6, 2011 and the place if remodeled.  The menu is also different.  It's now a fusion of Japanese and Chinese.  The food is full of msg and not so good anymore. =(

Takumi-Senri Yakiniku
1766 M. Adriatico St., 
Malate, Manila