Our Experience at the Bloggers Congress at DLSU

If you can all recall, I invited you all to the Bloggers Congress at DLSU (see previous post).  There were many Lasallians and Non-Lasallians who attended.  I'm so glad we attended!

Crowded Room
We arrived the venue at around 2:30 p.m.  We were first asked to register and then led to the seminar room.   Every one was already settled when we came in and the introductions have begun.  

Jill Bantang's Speech
As soon as we sat, Jill Bantang from Food Scout began her talk.  She shared her tips about blogging using the acronym of B.L.O.G.  According to her, you don't need to eat too much or update so much to be a good blogger.  You don't need to be insecure about other bloggers who have been blogging way longer than you do.  You just have to go with your passion.  

I was really inspired with her talk.  It has only been a few months since started and we do have our own share of insecurities.  Although we are just blogging to keep track of our lives and making entries of what we want to recall someday, I have to admit that when I look at other blogs, I am always intimidated.  Now I understand that blogging is an expression of passion and I think we are in the right track.  I also learned that blogging is not just a random task that you do.  You also need to schedule.  I liked that idea.=)

After Jill's inspirational talk, the hosts picked 10 names for the raffle prizes.  I think the prize was a GC.  Then the next speaker Ms. Nina Fuentes of Just Wandering was introduced. 

Nina Fuentes
Nina Fuentes from JustWandering.Org

Professor asking questions
Ms. Nina has been blogging since 1998 so she had a lot to share.  She tackled blogging issues such as advertorial blog posts and more.  Although we are new to blogging and have not encountered those issues, we are grateful that we are made aware of those possibilities.  It is something that bloggers shouldn't deny.  I really admire Ms. Nina's disclosure policy.  She is honest and ethical.  She believes that by not disclosing, she is being unfair to her readers.  I agree to that and will probably apply that someday.
Lissa Kahayon
David Guison started with photography

David Guison turned into fashion
David Guison
David Guison
David Guison Site

David Guison attending events
The next bloggers were fashion bloggers David Guison and Lissa Kahayon from Scene Stealer.  Both of them are Forever 21's ambassador.  I have to admit, I have no sense of fashion and thought of fashion as being costly and tiresome.  But to my surprise you can be fashionable even if you wear simple everyday clothes like David.  From Lissa, I learned that fashion is just a mix and match of basic clothing.  Lissa also shares that being a blogger requires commitment and diligence.   

David and Lissa Answering Queries
Lissa admits Vintage is her style
Long Skirt to hide flat shoes
Trendy socks to enhance your style
Searching for clothes

Contestants scavenging on clothes
Female winners
Awarded gcs
David and Lissa had a mini fashion contest with 4 contestants.  All of them were given GCs.

Jason Magbanua
Finally, the last blogger to share his experience is the infamous Jason Magbanua.  Jason taught us that blogging can be used to showcase your products like his famous wedding videos.  It can be a tool to enhance your business marketing.  Among all the speakers, Jason was the most energetic.  You can feel his persistence by the way he talks.  He has confidence in what he is, what he is talking about and what he does for a living.  



After the talks from the bloggers, the event organizers, DLSU USG discussed their new campaign for advocacy.  They were inspired by the Blog Action Day.  They want to make a movement here in the Philippines.  They were asking us bloggers to pledge and join them in the monthly "Blog Action Day". 

The blogger speakers were awarded certificates as a sign of gratitude.  
After the event, there were many who pledged for the movement and giveaways were given from the sponsors.  Thank you Holly's Coffee, Freska and Power Mac for sponsoring the event.  Thank you to all the bloggers for imparting a great deal of information.