My expectations from President Noynoy's SONA before and now.

Last year, president Noynoy made the following promises:

  • Stop corruption beginning with the establishment of the Truth Commission
  • Public-Private Partnerships to promote and improve education, infrastructure, health, military and police needs and more to improve the economy and tourism.
  • Build-Operate-Transfer to fasten the process of registration with the DTI to create more jobs.
  • Build more classrooms
  • Cover more masses who are in need of Philhealth 
  • Anti-Trust Law to stop monopolies and promote the growth of Small- at Medium-scale Enterprises
  • Pass the Whistleblower’s Bill and strengthen the Witness Protection Program to the culture of being threatened
  • Negotiate with the MILF

This year he his SONA mentions:
  • his dedication in stopping "wang-wang" which is a sign of abuse of power
  • improvement in our stock market as a sign of good business and economy
  • that taxes are guaranteed to benefit the public
  • improvement in the agriculture sector having produced 15.6% more rice locally
  • lot allocation to policemen
  • our "Hamilton Class Cutter" vessel and the possibilities of acquiring more helicopters, patrol crafts and weaponry in the future
  • large drop in motorcycle and car thefts
  • Drop from 8% (April 2010) to 7.2% (April 2011) in unemployment rate with 1,004,000 jobs created last year
  • More Phil-health-deserving beneficiaries
  • Stopping corruption in ARMM
  • Studying the possibilities of Tree planting stewardship to solve the problems with flooding
  • DOST and UP have even teamed up to develop a prototype monorail system
  • aim:
    • to give due compensation to the victims of Martial Law
    • to grant our house help the salaries and benefits that they deserve
    • to improve the system that awards pensions to our retired soldiers. 
    • to support the expansion of the scope of scholarships granted by DOST to outstanding yet underprivileged students
    • the advancement of universal quality healthcare
    • responsible management of the environment
    • formation of facilities that will ensure the safety of our citizens during times of great need and calamity
    • development of BuCor, NBI, NEA, and PTV 4
I was expecting that he would update us on the improvement in classrooms.  I believe that education is essential to the progress of our country.  Has any one been watching the news?  You'd notice that quite often, poor students are being featured.  Sometimes the news would show students having their classes in worn down tents which leaked during rainy days.  They would show teachers who have to travel and hike before reaching schools.  They would show overcrowded classrooms where kids were forced to stand the heat and be cramp like a can of sardines.  Moreover,  I'd like to see more infrastructures built that would benefit the public instead of purchasing a new vessel.  He still has a lot of time during his term so I'm still hoping that there will be more tangible proofs in the future.  How about you?  Did you get what you expected?

Based on the ratings everything has improved.  But how do they perform these surveys?  Do we know?  Like when they consider a person poor on the basis of earning 45 pesos a day.  Is that really enough to cover a persons daily expenses?  I've learned in our statistics class that ratings could easily be modified to mislead people.  Is that the case here?  You tell me.