Our David Archuleta Live in Manila Experience (pics + video)

Last week, I've shared that David Archuleta is once again performing live in Manila.  (see separate entry)  I've been wanting to watch it so when I discovered that herword.com was holding a contest, I joined  instantly.  I've forgotten about the contest until I received a text message that I won two Upper Box A tickets!  
Upper Box A Tickets
Compliments of Ovation Productions, Herword.com, Businessworld Magazine and ETC!
Crowd gathering to see David
Waiting for the start of the show
Unfortunately, I was too excited that I forgot it was my midterms in Negotiable Instruments Law so I had to rush my exam and run over to the concert.  Tough luck!  The exam was one of the longest I've ever encountered so I arrived at the venue at around 9 p.m.=(  Kurt went ahead of me and got there even before the show started. 
Julie Anne San Jose
Before I arrived, they were shown some advertisements.  A guest singer Jollie Anna San Jose opened the concert by singing five songs.  

David Archuleta's Entrance

As I entered, the crowd cheered as David Archuleta entered in his grey shirt, red polo and jeans.  His performance was really good!  I could tell that he was giving his all.  In the latter songs, I could already hear his breathing but his energy didn't waver.  He was singing, dancing and jumping all over the stage.  The crowd was cheering, waving their hands or their glow sticks and clapping to the tune.  

He sang some of his famous original tracks like "Something bout love","Crush" and my personal favorite "Zero Gravity".  He also mixed in some cover songs from Daniel Beddingfield, Bryan Adams and Vanessa Carlton.  We were also fortunate enough able to hear two of his new songs from his new album "David Archuleta Asian Tour Edition". (see videos below)
When he bid good bye and the stage lights went off, the crowd shouted for more.  As expected, he came back with to sing two more songs.  After that it was really over, the stadium light lit up and the crowd began to disperse.  David came back to the stage and some of the audience threw their gifts at the stage for  David to catch.
Free For All Coca-Cola Outside Araneta Coliseum
How about you?  Did you enjoy it too?  If you missed it, check out our videos below.  It's our treat for you. =)