The Original BonChon Chicken ~ Soy Delicious!

Last night, my little sister brought home a Bonchon Chicken meal.  Bonchon Chicken is a Korean franchise.  Their chicken are fried twice to make them more crispy and less greasy.  We were so happy because we've always wanted to try it out but the venues are not easily accessible from our place.  
Large Soy Garlic Chicken Combo
She brought home a Large Soy Garlic Chicken Combo (720 php)  As we opened the box, soy-garlic aroma spread throughout the room.  At first bite, it so crispy and so delicious I just had to eat more.  I really love the taste because it is not overpowering.  The taste was mild and fragrant that you tend to eat more.  

I also loved the side dishes.  I like spicy food so I can't get enough of their Kimchi Coleslaw (45 php).  It was not too spicy.  It was just enough to tease your taste buds and heighten your appetite.  The Pickled Raddish (45 php) was a good neutralizer. Although, I'm not a fan of pickled food, the raddishes chopped in cubes were not too sour.  It was mildly pickled so it was just right.   
Eat them all together, I'm sure you'll enjoy your meal.  In fact, I couldn't resist it.  I even had another serving of rice.

I also liked their ice tea.  It tasted like honey lemon.  It was thicker than the usual iced tea but not too sweet.

Overall, the meal was superb.  The price is affordable.  I highly recommend it!  We'd certainly try it out more often.    

How about you?  Did you love it too?

BonChon Chicken Ayala Triangle Gardens
Ayala Avenue, Ayala Triangle
Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines