Our Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber Experience

I mentioned a few weeks ago about the "Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber" to be performed at CCP. (see separate entry)  After seeing a lot of teasers, I decided I could not miss this!  Afterall, this only happens once in a lifetime right?  So we rushed of to the nearest Ticketworld outlet and bought our tickets.
Our Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber Tickets
Andrew Lloyd Webber Poster at Greenbelt 5
If you're worried that you didn't bring any binoculars not to worry because binoculars are being sold at Balcony 1 and 2 entrace for only 50 php.  Programs were also sold for 500 php.

Disposable Binoculars (50 php)
Disposable Binoculars (50 php)
Program booth (Programs at 500 php)
The show starts was signified by the National Anthem and continues until the 20 minute intermission.  As any broad way show, the female singers wore glittery dresses while the men were in shiny suits.   The first part was full of our favorite solemn songs.  The lively songs were placed during the second part.

Although the show was not the best Andrew Lloyd Webber performance I've watched but it was definitely worth it!  The impact of having a live performance is magnificent.  The best part was the "Phantom of the Opera" and "Music of the Night" combined in one act.  The song "Don't cry for me Argentina"  was well sang but I could sense the hint of Australian accent throughout the song.  The least I liked was the song "Heaven on their minds".

All of the casts had a good voice.  They all sang well.  Theirs acts and facial expression complemented their voice.  I loved the performance of Michael Cormick above all.  His voice is strong and manly.

Everything would have been perfect if there were no bisexuals at our back whispering and singing loudly.  I also was surprised that a lot of audiences only entered after the intermission.

Food Bar

Overall, the show was spectacular.  The song list was excellent.  I never appreciated "Cats" until this show.  It also made aware of Andrew Lloyd Webbers songs that I have never heard before.  Some from his old shows and some from his new ones like "Love Never Dies", a sequel to the Phantom of the Opera.

Souvenir Booth (Tshirts (800 php), Teddy Bear (800php) mug (300 php), 2 cds (700 php)