ChickChat ~ The Fast Food Restaurant with a Singaporean twist (Closed)

It was only a few months ago since we discovered ChickChat.   We loved it so much that we just had to come back and try out other choices that ChickChat had to offer.

Chickchat SM Manila

I ordered the Spicy Chicken Paoger.  It is my first time to hear that dish.  So what is a Spicy Chicken Paoger?  Its chicken tenders, with onion rings, carrot and radish strings, lettuces, mayonnaise and curry sandwiched between two buns. Although it was not as spicy as I expected, it tasted great nonetheless. The chicken was very tender and all the ingredients tasted perfectly together.

Spicy Chicken Paoger w/ BBQ Fries

Spicy Chicken Paoger

It comes with BBQ Flossy Fries.   If you're tired of eating plain salty fries then you just have to try these. Its crispy fries with BBQ flavoring and meat floss.  It's quite addictive.  It is flavorful and not too oily.  We love meat floss and this is the only fries in town that serves it with meat floss.  Nice!

Stacy ordered the Singaporean Chicken Rice which she has already tried before.  Initially, she intended to order other food but the Singaporean Chicken Rice was simply irresistible that she had to order it again.  We, FIlipinos love rice.  Chickchat's rice was very fragrant and tasty.  Honestly, you could even crave just for the rice.  The rice alone tasted great and paired with the chicken made me want eat more.  The chicken was flavorful even without the sauce.  I have to agree with Stacy that this dish is indeed very appetizing.  

Singaporean Chicken Rice

Our orders came with drinks.  We added 18 php to upgrade them into Red Ice Tea and Green Iced Tea.    
Their drinks are served in large paper cups.  I personally preferred the Red Ice Tea but Stacy loved the Green Iced Tea which had a hint of lemon in it.  They currently have a promo that our meals have a FREE 2nd refill so we had it refilled before we left.  We also noticed that their paper cups are color coded.    Bluegreen cups are non-refillable while red is refillable.=)

Red and Green Iced Teas

Of course, the best part is the dessert.  Just like their food dishes, they also offer unique dessert options.  We ordered the Ube Pandan Sundae.   This is delicious!  Not too sweet like most sundaes.  It's very refreshing.  Simply looking at the photo makes my mouth water lol.  We also had the Buko-Melo-Mango.    This is shaved ice topped with sago, coconut bits, pomelo strips and added with mango syrup and coconut milk.  After walking out in the heat of the sun, we were cooled down by this ice cold treat.  It was our first time to taste something with this combination and it won't be the last.  Although personally I am not found of Pomelo, the combination of this dessert was pretty good.

Ube Pandan Sundae


We were very thrilled with our experience that we just had to bring home something to share with our family.  We ordered a few takeouts and since the cashier was insisting that we taste the Beef Bolognese we decided to give it a go.  We also ordered the Honey Baked Wings.

The Beef Bolognese was delicious!  The taste was similar to Pancake House Spaghetti with its own twist. It was not too sweet nor tangy.  It was perfect!  

The Honey Baked Wings was good too.  It was baked so it not oily and healthier than fried.  The honey taste flavored the wings well.  It was tasty and enjoyable.  

Overall, it was an enjoyable meal.  Great clean, colorful and fun ambiance.  Their seats are cozy too.  It is an ideal place to hang out with friends or family.  You can visit there for lunch, snack, dinner or even just to enjoy their desserts.  For Singaporean dishes, their price is affordable.  You can have a complete meal with drinks or even with fries for only below 150 php.  Service is good and fast.  It is a great option to dine-in if you are in the area.  In case, you want to take out, their packaging is for take-put is also nice.  We also noticed that not only does their packaging look good, they are also recyclable and eco-friendly which is good. 

Have you tried ChickChat yet?  If not, we recommend you should.  Don't forget to share with us your experience. =D

Oh if you order their other meals you get you're 2nd fragrant Hainanese rice for FREE

2nd floor of SM Manila, right across SM Appliance Center