Our Runner's World Philippines Running Clinic July 2011 Part 1 Experience

I previously mentioned about Runner's World Philippines Running Clinic July 2011. (see separate entry)  Despite having a bad cold, I couldn't pass up this chance.  We woke up early to attend the Runner's World Running Clinic part 1 at MOA.
Online and Walk-in Registration Booth
Runner's World Banners
Walk-In Registering
After the 1 KM warm-up run around MOA by the bay, we returned to the venue.  There was one tent for the registration and another for the Gatorade station.  We were each given a bottle of Gatorade.  We were given a choice whether it was "Bolt Blue" or the red one.  Most of us chose the "Bolt Blue".
When we arrived, the runners were already getting ready for the warm-up run.  Since it was raining, there were only few participants who joined the activity.
1 KM Warm Up Run
Cold Gatorade Booth
Our coach for the day was Coach Nina from David's Salon who is a sky runner.  She runs up mountains with 100 KM distance.
Start of the Exercise with Coach Nina
After our Gatorade break for 5 minutes, we begun our stretching exercises.  Since we were few, Coach Nina really paid attention on how we do the exercises.  We were corrected accordingly.  I felt all my muscles stretch from leg up to my back and shoulders.
It rained really hard so I had to bail out while Kurt and the others sprinted in the rain.  It looked fun but I couldn't risk getting another flu especially its my law midterms week.
Sprinting in the Rain
Sprinting faster as it rains harder
There was another Gatorade break which was simultaneous with our lecture.  We were briefed about Gatorade.   We also discovered the difference between an energy drink and a sports drink.  Sports drinks include mind enhancements so they contain caffeine.  A lot of other topics were also discussed like types of feet and running shoes.

As soon as the rain stopped, we were given mats to be laid down the floor.  We then proceeded to the core exercises.  Most of the exercises target the abs.

Core Exercises
After the core exercises, the class was dismissed.  We were given a FREE copy of runner's world magazine and a Gatorade ID lace.  Early birds were rewarded their 150 php David's Salon Gift Certificate.

My Giveaway
Overall, the event was successful and fun.  I'm so glad that Runner's World and Gatorade organized this event.  It's better to have actual instructors or trainers in doing the exercises so you know if you're doing them right.  It's difficult if you just watch it in the video or read it in magazines.
It's not to late to join.  Check the dates and venues from my previous post and try it!  We'll be back on July 23 ,2011 for the part 2 at MOA.  See you there!
My friend's giveaway + early bird reward