Take Out Lunch from Zark's Burgers Taft Avenue

We've always wanted to try our Zark's Burgers so last sunday, we finally decided to order a take out at Zark's Burgers.  
Homerun Burger
American All Star
Strikeout Burger

Zark's Ultimate Burger
Burger with their sauce
We ordered the Homerun Burger, Strikeout Burger, Zark's Ultimate Burger, Black Mumba, American All Star and the Tap out!

Don't you think they're just oozing with goodness?
All the burgers are similar except for their ingredients.  They all comes with their special sauce.  So the big factor in Zark's burgers is their burger pattie.  It is delicious!  It's tasty, meaty and juicy.  I enjoyed every bite.  I could tell they were evenly-cooked just right.  

Black Mumba
As for the Black Mumba, the BBQ sauce taste really good too.  I could tell that it is their original recipe since I've never tasted BBQ like that before.  It's a must-try!

I liked their French Fries which are real think sliced potatoes with their skin on.  You get to taste real potatoes and not the salt like typical fast food french fries.  We got the French Fries and the iced tea for just a 20-php add on.  I wanted to try their lemonade but it was not available at the time.  Too bad!

Overall, it was a good, satisfying and affordable meal.  Their burgers are big and only a little over 100 php for a whole meal with fries and drinks is a bargain!  If you're looking for quality home-made-ish meal then I recommend you try out Zark's.  We'll probably dine here again.  Any suggestions on what to order next?  I want to try out their Jawbreaker but still deciding when I could fit those in my diet haha!

Zark's BurgersTaft Ave.

2464 Archer's Nook, Taft Ave.
Manila, Metro Manila