Captain America is my patriotic idol

Captain America named Steve Rogers used to be just an ordinary human in poor shape.  Because of his will and determination to serve his country, he was brave enough to agree to be tested in a top-secret defense project and become the subject for the Super Soldier Serum.  
Once he underwent physical transformation and became strong, he fought for his country.  He was ready for combat just with his mighty shield.  I just love it when he makes his brave stance with his shield.  I could feel his courage to go against anything.  

Captain America is my 

  • He is a good tactician and strategist.  He is not only powerful but he uses his mind in his missions.
  • He is brave and determined.  He goes to his battles with courage and determination.
  • He is an outstanding fighter who is excellent with martial arts and can aim perfectly with his shield.
  • He is a good leader and commander. 
So when I heard a Captain America movie will soon to be shown entitled "Captain America – The First Avenger"  I was so excited.  Check out the trailer below.  Really cool!

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