Cara mia Gelateria at Robinson's Midtown

Gelato means frozen.  Since two years ago, gelatos have become popular that they can be purchased in any mall.  It is said to be healthier than ice cream because it is made with more milk and lesser fat.

      One of our favorite dessert place is Caramia.  Caramia means "my dear" in Italian.  It is part of the Amici chain of resturants selling gelato, affogato, gelato shakes and gelato cakes.We often purchase their gelato cakes during special occasion.  

Pistacio Gelato
Coconut Sorbetto
After our dinner, my mom had a craving for Caramia's gelato.  Each scoop cost only 70 php.  We ordered Pistacio Gelato, Coconut Sorbetto, Sans Rival, Nocciola (Hazelnut) and Strawberry Supreme.  The best was the Pistacio Gelato but the Coconut Sorbetto was light and refreshing too.  The Strawberry Supreme was also good.  The Sans Rival and Nocciola was too sweet for my taste and it became too tiring too eat after eating at least half of it.  How about you what's your favorite flavor?

Nocciola (Hazelnut)
Sans Rival
Strawberry Supreme
Cara mia Gelateria 
2/f Robinson's Midtown Wing