Korean Drama Review: Lie to Me

Lie to me is a romantic-comedy korean drama produced by SBS.  It totals 16 episodes.  But are all those episodes worth watching?  I think not.
Usually, a plot has twists and turns to captivate its audience.  However, around half of the 16 episodes is full of mushiness and romantic scenes which made it look a bit dragging to me.  The plot is so simple and yet the series was long.  

The actresses and actors are good in acting.  I loved Kang Ji-Hwan (as  Hyun Ki-Joon) from Hong Gil Dong and Yoon Eun-Hye (Kong Ah-Jung) from Personal Taste so I had high expectations for this drama.  Overall, the actors and actresses skill did doesn't compensate for the lack of creativity in the plot and presentation.  But they did improve it.

I don't recommend this unless you're a fan of the stars.  But you might like this is you want to admire the cuteness and sweetness of others like the casts for long hours.  That's what the entire drama is all about period.