Mickey's Delicatessen at Jupiter Makati Closed Down

We've always loved eating at Mickey's Delicatessen.  They have the serve the best sausages.  So when we saw Mickey's Delicatessen being offered at Cashcashpinoy.com at 50% off, we immediately bought one. The expiration date was even until Aug 31, 2011.

I've always been cautious when availing coupon deals.  When I purchased the deal I thought it was one of the best ones I could have availed off.  It was a well-known establishment.  But when we went there last June, we were surprised that it was closed down already.  We asked its neighboring establishment and they told us they were all surprised too.  One day, all the employees just never showed.  It never opened again.  Funny, because last food expo at the World Trade Center, they were was of the food concessionaires and we even bought their sausages.  We didn't buy a lot because we were hoping to purchase via coupon.  We didn't expect that to be our last batch of sausages from Mickey's. =(

I was so disappointed that I emailed Cashcashpinoy.com about it.  I received a reply from Catherine of Cashcashpinoy.com stating that they too were not aware of it and offered a refund wherein the processing will be 30 to 45 days.  I agreed since the coupon was worthless to me already.  I admire Cashcashpinoy.com's honesty because they investigated on the matter and later on emailed me to confirm that Mickey's Delicatessen has closed down.  After giving them my refund details, the money was refunded to my account within the period promised.

      I learned two things about this:
  1. A coupon purchase being an advance payment transaction is risky despite precautions
  2. For my future transactions, it is better purchase from responsible Coupon Deal sites like Cashcashpinoy.com because imagine if my money was not refunded then my money would've gone down the drain 
What do you think?