Do-Eat Cotton Candy Fluff with 4 different flavors in a pack

When my little sister saw cotton candy being sold at the nearby Shopwise supermarket, everyone thought of me and bought it instantly.  It was the Do-Eat Cotton Candy Fluff packed in a take-out reusable container.
Its true I love cotton candy!  I recall trying the blueberry flavored cotton candy before at the Do-Eat Cotton Candy Food Stand  at Robinson's place but I had a hard time finishing it because it was too big that I was overwhelmed by the sweetness.

Its been a long time since I've tasted cotton candy packed.  There used to be a packed cotton candy before wrapped in aluminum foil called "Candy Cloud" but it disappeared after quite some time.

The one they bought for me had the flavors: Orange, Lemon, Grapes and Raspberry.   When I opened it, it was still fresh and fluffy.  It was similar to the cotton candy sold in the streets but without the skim milk.  It was good.  I thought I could eat just one flavor a day.  But I noticed that as days go by it got harder and harder.  Soon, the fourth layer shrinked into a hardened candy.

Overall, it was pretty good especially the grape flavor.  Too bad I can't eat it in the ample amount I wanted though.  Hope they come up with smaller packaging for it.  I'd probably buy some more whenever I'm craving for it.