My tips on how to sell or look for used cars for sale by owner online

Last week, my aunt who doesn't know how to use the computer, was looking for a pre-owned car.  She has been looking from one newspaper to another and still couldn't find a viable candidate.  

Being an online seller and online shopper, I know a perfect site where look for used cars for sale by owner.

I think I've found a good option.  This car's brand new price based on the Official Toyota Website is 685,000 php.  Look at it, still new and less than a year old and yet I can already save around 100,000 php.  What do you guys think?  There are so many others which I haven't checked yet but I'd prefer if she chooses an almost brand new car.  
So if you're want to sell your car.  Why not do it online right?  Imagine how many buyers would prefer the convenience of looking for a car online.  Not only are the buyers shown the details of the car but they are also able to see the exteriors and interiors of the car with the uploaded pictures. is a good option because unlike other sites you don't even need to set up an account.  It connects you to buyers anywhere in the Philippines without any complications.  You can upload pictures straight from your computer without the need to upload it using third party sites like Flick.  

Let me show you the steps in posting an ad in

Step 1: Go to its home page to buy & sell and click on the button "click here to POST AN AD"
Step 2: Fill out the forms
Step 3: Verify ad from your email (This is very important as this activates your ad)
That's it.  Simple right?  

Lastly, if you're new to selling cars online then I suggest you check this page about  advertising used car.  

Have you bought a car or sold one online?  Please share with us your tips and experience.