Mingoy's Restaurante Paella Valenciana

According to their facebook page this is the history of Mingoy's Restaurante:

"Domingo Jocson, popularly known as "Mingoy", first opened an ice cream parlor in 1971 at the Magallanes Commercial Center in Makati City. He later added select Spanish dishes to its menu. It was Mingoy’s discriminating taste that enhanced the flavour of Spanish dishes to lead “Mingoy’s” as one of Manila’s finest Spanish restaurants.

From 1998 until the loss of Mingoy Jocson in December 2003, Yvette Bachmann-Lacson apprenticed under Mingoy, who had a special taste for the palatable Iberian cuisine. Yvette asserts that Iberian food is usually unadorned yet flavorful and aromatic. Yvette also adds that the original cooks and waiters of “Mingoy's” since the early eighties still continue to serve and satisfy their customers.

Today, Patrons can still relish and savor the original recipes and comfortable service of “Mingoy's” at our new distinct style of restaurants at The Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City and at the Casa Susana Arcade, Ayala Alabang."

     When we saw the ad at Cash Cash Pinoy stating that "Mingoy’s the popular authentic spanish restaurant that served the best paella you’ve ever tasted is now back!", we decided to try it out.  After all the words "authentic" and "best" were irresistable.

We finally decided to claim our coupon.  We were told that to pick it up at their main office in Makati.  We were expecting a restaurant but to our surprise,it was an office building.  We had to text/call them were to meet.  We were asked to meet with a driver outside the building just to get our order. 

Our Paella Valenciana was placed in a big "bilao" (round woven tray) wrapped in foil.  It was already cold when we opened it.  At first glance, we were very disappointed to see that low class local rice was used.  It was not the round and sticky spanish rice.  

The toppings as shown in the image above were the only toppings.  It was all rice beneath it.  The mussels were "malansa" (fishy smelling).  The pork was more on pork skin than meat.  There was no chorizo.  Instead, there was a weird tasting hotdog.   At first, the rice tasted fine but if you eat a lot it "nakakasuya" (gets too tiring to eat). 

Even at its half price at 1,098, we felt that it failed to meet our expectations.   It was said to be good for 10 people but seeing the scarcity of the ingredients, I'd say not everyone can get to taste the chicken or the pork.  Have you tried Mingoy's?  Please share with us your experience.  

Mingoy's Restaurante