Sakae Sushi Eat-All-You-Can Roller Sushi at Robinson's Midtown

Last year, my little sister and I have tried Sakae Sushi at Mall of Asia.  Now that another branch has opened near our place, our family decided to try it.  

We arrived around 5 p.m., being a non-peak hour, the place was less crowded.  We also noticed that only one conveyor belt is being used rather than two.  We started picking out sushi plates as soon as we got seated.  

Bottomless hot Green Tea
Bottomless cold Green Tea
Miso Soup
The Eat-all-you-can Sushi is priced at 399 php.  Compared to the per plate pricing, you could really save a lot more if you avail of it.  It comes with Bottomless cold or hot Green Tea and a bowl of Miso Soup.  I really like their cold green tea from last time so I ordered it again but some of my family members prefer it hot.

We ate to our hearts content.  These are my favorites for the night.

Loves this!  The Yellow part was crunchy.

Salmon (our classic favorite)
Fried Salmon 
Here are the rest of the dishes we ate.

I don't know what this is called but it only contained rice.
When you feel you can't it anymore, reset your palate with Pickled Ginger.  That's what we did.  These are already placed on the table.  It looked fresh but I'm not sure if they replace these every time you dine though. It would be unhygienic if they don't since everyone just used their own chopsticks to get some.
How many plates?
Guess how many plates we were able to finish?=p  I consider it a lucky night.  All selections were good.  My previous experience at MOA was not the same.  The selections were mainly Tamagoyaki (egg sushi), California maki and Roe maki.  In fact, I have to admit I was reluctant in coming back.  My little sister also shared with me her similar experience while we were dining.  

How about you?  Have you tried it yet?

Sakae Sushi Robinson's Place Manila
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico Sts., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines