Pain Monster Invasion at Market! Market!

After having my snack at Serendra I went over to Market! Market! to commute back home when something caught my attention.

Stage lights were being prepared,even a fog machine was being tested and so due to my curiosity I went over and asked what they were preparing for, However they only gave me a flyer.
Pain Monster Flyer
Already loving the idea of monster coming I stayed and waited.

After a few minutes I've noticed that they started playing the Eye of the Tiger song and guys in green suits started to go to the middle of the Central Plaza.

Market Market Central Plaza
Guys in green suit
Before the much anticipated monster invasion they first gave us a glimpse of what to expect

So what was it really about?

Guess they're the Advil Lique-Gel Team Force and not guys in green suits

Yes we've all had those miserable pain days(Headaches, Bodyaches, Toothaches and dysmenorrhea) and to relieve those pains we rely on medicines and yet most of time they don't work that well but now we have a better option.

Free Advil being given out
The New Advil
It was a great campaign, they were able to send the message out and get everyone's attention I even heard someone say this when they were giving out free samples "Pre Kuha tayo advil para sa sakit ng ulo yan". So hopefully the next time these monsters attack we'll remember the message they showed us.