Movie Review: Insidious

Who could forget watching their first horror film?  It could have even scarred us.  But then again, there are some who love watching them.  If you're one them, how could you resist Insidious with the dream team of horror film makers such as James Wan from Saw and Oren Peli from Paranormal Activity.

To start the movie off, the film tried to set the movie pace into a slow yet scary way. You might think that its your same old ordinary horror movie with its big old haunted house and a new family moving but think again.

For starters, the movie had no gore or blood in it.  A bit surprising knowing that James Wan was included in the makers huh?  The movie started off pretty good.  It made use of the slowly but surely means of making everyone scared.   I even saw 2 girls in the far front move out from their solitary seats to a much more crowded area.  I thought at first it tried too hard to scare everyone.   But the scare built up was just right to make the movie work. 

It scared me enough to meet my expectation.  However, the story was not that good.   The ending left a lot of unanswered questions so there's a lot to ponder on still.  Overall, the movie was good and worth the money.  If you're in the mood to watch something scary then this is the movie for you.