Got to be a Genius with LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black

Ever since I was a child, I have been competing with my little sister in everything we do. When we were in high school, I was in the Top Ten Honor Roll. She would then get in the Top Three Honor Roll. When we were in college, I was in the Dean's List and she graduated with a Cum Laude. When I decided to take Masters in Business Administration - Juris Doctor, she then entered Masters in Business Administration - Medicine.

I was struggling with studies and house chores while she had the time to play, help in our family business and do house chores. I was so frustrated I asked her how does she manage to do all that. She told me that the secret is to be resourceful. You should have the best gadgets to help you manage your life.  Following that advise has made my life better.

So when she bought a net book to aid her in her studies, I bought a laptop. But then she bought a tablet. Just now, she told me that she is going to buy a smart phone. Well, this time I will have the advantage because I have discovered the new LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black.
I find the LG Optimus 2x best-suited for my needs as a MBA-Student, an employee and a blogger. But if I have a lot of cases to read then I could use the LG Optimus Black because it has the brightest, clearest and readable screen. I could already imagine how efficient I can be by having one gadget for all my needs and how much energy I can save by carrying less everyday...

I know you could also see how good your life can be with these! You know why? 

A smart phone these days are defined by their:

Smarter input
  • Having touch screens and capable of QWERTY keyboard typing
Multiple Connectivity and Mobile Web Browser
  • Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth
Ability to run third-party software applications (apps)
  • Word processors, Spreadsheets, Organizers, Games, Facebook,Twitter
Run complete Operating System
  • Google Android, Nokia's Symbian, Apple's iOS or the BlackBerry
  • Calculators, Alarm Clock, GPS, Calendar, To-Do-List
The LG Optimus 2x is a smart phone with:

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Greater Performance

  • As reported by the Guiness World Records, the LG Optimus 2x is the first Dual-Core Smart Phone
  • It is equipped with Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset thereby offering 2x power on computing and processing

*credits to AnandTech
  • Despite getting twice the power, it has reduced power consumption and a large 1500 MAh battery
  • Averaging 400 hours of stand-by or 7 hours and 50 minutes of talk time
Next-Level Features
  • Flawless HDMI 1.3 at 1080p mirroring
  • Internal memory 8 GB expandable memory up to 32 GB
  • Portable Full HD Movie Player that supports subtitle
  • 8 Megapixel Camera with autofocus, LED flash, face and smile detection, touch focus and geo-tagging,image stabilization, ISO and Exposure settings and preset scenes and effects. You can now take panorama shot and “out-focusing shot”. No need for photoshop or any photography skills.
  • 1.3 MegaPixel Camera at 1280x960, VGA, and QVGA resolution for video chat
  • Full HD 1080p video recording at 30 frames per second that supports 3GP & MP4, to WMV, AVI, DivX and Xvid 1080p Videos
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE for world-wide connectivity
  • Dual-band 3G with 10.2Mbps/5.76Mbps for faster mobile Internet
  • Supports Games with Full 3D graphics
  • FM radio with RDS support built-in
  • Superb touch sensor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi hotspot and Wi-Fi Direct. Wi-Fi Direct allows you to communicate with up to eight devices at a time making group sharing easier.
Innovative Gesture Controls
  • Control your phone through physical interaction by lifting, shaking, and tapping, for taking calls, entering camera mode, or playing music.
Unmatched Web Browsing Speed
*credits to AnandTech
  • LG Optimus 2x also supports double tap zoom and pinch zoom
  • Flash-enabled
Speedy and Smooth Multi-Tasking and Switching Capabilities
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On the other hand, the LG Optimus Black offers:

G Button
  • Options for turning on and off the Gesture feature so you can choose to use it at your convenience
  • Navigate your phone through panning up or down, left or right or shaking
  • This is useful if your hands are dirty and you don't want to touch the display and cover it with fingerprints
  • NOVA display lowers power consumption by 50 percent compared to conventional LCD technology
Nova Display
  • World's brightest, clearest, readable and colorful 4-inch screen with 700 nits of brightness and 16M colors.
Invisible Mic Grill
  • Makes your phone look clean without any holes.
Unparalleled Features
  • First 2 megapixel video-call camera
  • Touch-sensitive controls
  • Active noise cancellation dedicated mic
Stylish and slim design
  • One of the World's thinnest smart phones with dimensions 122 x 64 x 9.2 mm and light weight at 109 grams
       With these Optimus phones, I can now have the upper hand.   Because Optimus is MORE than just smart. It’s GENIUS. Visit for more information!