Taiwan Drama Review: Happiness is Like a Sunny Day

        Sunny Happiness sometimes named as Happiness is like a Sunny Day, The Sunniest Day of Happiness or Sunshine Day.  It is a romantic comedy starred by Mike He, Janine Chang, Li Yi Feng and Zhou Zi Han.  At first glance, this show made it look interesting because all the main characters are good-looking.  Well, first impressions last because all 25 episodes were really good.

       The story mainly revolves around the past and present love of the four main characters.  The plot is really exciting that I could not resist watching the next episode up to the next.  It is unique, fun and romantic as well.  This is not the typical Taiwan drama that is too childish.  This drama proves that Taiwan dramas can be mature and yet funny too.

       It is a must-watch drama.   After watching it, hopefully you can answer why the title is such.  I really liked the title and its the message of the story.