Reflections On Running as a newbie runner

Let me share a quote with you by Compay Segundo: 
 I am a scholar of life. 
Every night before I go to sleep, I analyze every detail of what I did that day. 
I evaluate things and people, which helps me avoid mistakes.

        Times sure flies so fast.  It's only been a few months ago that a friend invited me to my first race at the Greentennial Half Marathon (see separate entry).  I joined the 5K category.  I could still feel the excitement I felt as the race started.  It was such a good feeling running along hundreds of people you have never met before.  Although the sun was brimming at us, we didn't mind the heat nor the sweat.  I could feel my breathing getting louder, my heart pounding louder, my body feeling heavier as I got further.  I almost felt like giving up but as long as there is a runner in front of me, I kept running.  I ran until I finally reached the finish line.  It was one of the most fulfilling moment of my life.  I was so proud to receive my finisher's medal.  
Start off
Run under the sun
My First Finisher's Medal
      During my second race at Run for Fun Lung (see separate entry), my body wasn't fully recovered from the first run so I only entered at the 3K category.  When the race started, I ran as fast as I could.  After a while, I felt pain.  It slowed me down.  I managed to reach the finish line but it was not the improvement I was looking forward too.  When I got home I researched about what had happened and learned that I had "side stitches"(sharp and intense pain under the lower edge of the rib cage caused by a muscle spasm/cramps of the diaphragm).  They are usually experienced by novice runners who breath quickly and more shallow.  At least I learned about it sooner than later right?
Reaching the Finish Line
       My third race was during the AKTV Run (see separate entry)  I was surprised that we have to attach something called the D-Tag to my shoe.  Kurt and I were both beginners so we knew nothing about it.  I called our friend and I'm glad she was there too and she helped me attach it.  She has been running for over a year so she knew more than we do.  We all ran for the 5K category.  I told myself that this time I have to do it right.   I started the race at the right pace.  My breathing was synchronized with my running.  However, when I was nearing the finish line, I felt pain in my shin.   I was able to finish faster than my first two races.  But the pain was bothering me.

D-Tag and Race Bib
Running at my pace

1 KM Marker
       I told Kurt about the pain and he said it was because I step too heavily so the impact is too much for my shin.  He also suggested that we get the opinion of our friend.  

       Our friend told us that it must have been my worn-out shoe.  She recently bought her shoe in a store where they had to make her walk in a treadmill and observe her foot.  I confessed that my shoe was 2 years old and it was on sale.  She recommends that I get a new shoe that is fit for my feet.  I agreed with her suggestion.  Better than the reason that I was running too heavily which I can't control right?

       I was in search for a shoe best-suited for my feet, a female size 8 or 39.5.  Surprisingly, I stumbled on a video that talked about my problem.  Apparently,there were many runners who share the same problem as I do.   The solution we've all been looking for is "On-running".  "On" shoes are used by world champions!  Can't wait to use one for my next run.