Movie Review: The Switch Movie

Just watched the movie "The Switch" starred by Jennifer Aniston as Kassie Larson and Jason Bateman as Wally Mars.  It is a romantic comedy drama film.  It seems more on the drama side.

Its about a Kassie who is approaching middle age who decides to get a child through artificial insemination.  She and Wally Mars are best friends.  They separate and then seven years after she returns with the kid named Sebastian.  That's when things got complicated with Kassie, Wally and the donor.  The plot was kind of weird and unrealistic to me although it was pretty good to watch.

While watching this movie, it reminded me of another film which also involved a single woman getting artificial dissemination called "The Back Up Plan".  With two movies like this, it got me thinking.  Is it really possible that some women give up on finding the right one and prefer to raise kids on their own?  I guess, times have change.  Gone are the days where being a single mother was taboo and wives have to tolerate their husbands just for the welfare of their kids and because of their public outlook.  Women have become more confident and independent.

As I watched this, it made me dreamy of having a guy best friend like the two main casts.  I agree with Kassie in the movie that it is essential that guys have a sense of humor and that is also why I prefer to have guy best friends.  From childhood, I've had several close guy friends before.  (Really miss those good days!) But it never worked out.  I'm amazed at how long there were able to make it work.  What do you guys think?