Five Peso (5 php) Body Check Up Machine at Mercury Drug Store

My cousins and sisters tried the Body Check Up Machine at Mercury Drug Store.  It was our first time to try.  The guard told us that it only accepts 5 peso coins.  We had to purchase just to have those so better come prepared with it.

Upon dropping the coin, the machine will prompt you to press your the button to indicate your gender: green for men and red for women.  It will tell you to stand still as it measures your height and weight.  The next is the blood pressure.  You will be asked to place your wrist (remove any watches) while it tightens and your blood pressure is taken.  Lastly, you have to hold the two bars so that your body fat index can be measured.
The Machine
*model sensored for privacy
      After a few seconds, a receipt will be issued containing your measurements.   It is printed on a thermal paper.  It gives the measurements, their percentages and normal range.  Mine turned out pretty bad =( My Fat index at 31.8% was way over the normal range of 17-24%.  What do you think?  Any advise?