50% OFF at Sofitel's Heavenly Spiral Buffet!

In case you missed out on all the previous Spiral offers or fave a craving for the best buffet in the Philippines, then this is your chance to purchase.  Note that it is stated to be of limited quality.  Good Luck!

  • The Heavenly Sofitel's Spiral Buffet is one of the most fashionable eatery in Manila!
  • Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Thai, European,Middle Eastern, as well as Pinoy favorites… Enjoy international cuisine prepared by world-class chefs.
  • Your voucher is valid every day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, for Lunch and Dinner!
  • Exceptional ambient interior design and lighting.
  • The Top-notch service of a courteous and attentive staff from a worldwide famous palace.
  • Use as many vouchers as you want!
We're bringing back one of our instant hit promos: An eat-all-you-can lunch or dinner buffet for only P1160 at the Hotel Sofitel Manila's posh Spiral Restaurant!

If you availed this promo the first time around, then you know how fantastic the dining experience at Spiral is! If this is all new to you, let's hope this clues you in: Multiple buffet stations each one serving a variety of dishes from around the globe! We're talking heaping selections of Mediterranean, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, American, Italian, and Indian food!

Start off with appetizers like fresh dimsum and/or Chinese noodle soups from the Chinese food station, then move on to the do-it-your-own salads at the Mediterranean station. You can also take a sampling of various cheeses and pair them with a good glass of wine. As for dessert, their freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies oozing with warm melted chocolate goes really well with Spiral's chocolate ice cream or do-it-yourself halo-halo.

In terms of ambience, a bedazzling industrial artwork greets you as you descend down the main spiral staircase to the restaurant below. The interior lighting itself is very soft, warm and calming.

Take this can't-miss culinary journey around the world courtesy of this ultra-exclusive CashCashPinoy