Our First Runrio Run: AKTV Run

Last Sunday, we participated the AKTV Run which was part of the AKTV Run Family Fair (see separate entry)  My friend has been raving about Runrio organized races so when a blog contest was up we joined and luckily got our free kits.

Fair Map
Fair Entrance
Bib Claiming Tents
Singlet Booth

Baggage Tents

I arrived at the venue at 4 a.m. just to claim our kits.  Each company had their own claiming tents.  I was surprised that even for the bloggers contest, there is also a claiming booth.  Once I got our bibs, I went to the singlet booth and saw others registering on-site.  Although there was female and male dressing tents, I preferred the privacy of the portlets.  I also left my bag at the baggage tent.  Soon, fireworks crackled so I knew the race was about to start.

Bib with D-Tag
It was my first time to try the D-Tag.  I detached it from my bib and wondered how it would be attached to my shoe laces so I asked our friend and she came to help me.  As soon as Kurt arrived, we went to the starting point.  It was already crowded by the 3K and 5K runners.
Waiting for the Start Off for 5K


Turning Point

    We were at the back so during the beginning of the race it was difficult to get ahead.  Around the second corner, Kurt and my friend were already far off.  When I reached the finish line, Kurt told me to claim the finisher's kit.  I went to the finisher's tent and to my surprise the finisher's kit was only a reusable bag.  It came with a cold bottle of light water.

At the finish line, you can a SM booth selling drinks to thirsty finishers.  A bottled water was sold for 18 php while softdrinks were priced at 35 php.  SM employees also roamed around the fair selling the drinks.
Kellogg's giving out free Special K Cereal

Level Up giving Grand Chase Special Item

Shape-up Testing 

Finisher's Tents


Boxing and MMA


Long line for photo booth

People looking for freebies to claim

We wanted to try the photo booth but the line was insanely long (even after we left at around 9 a.m.).  We decided to claim the other freebies:

  • Kellogg's Special K from the Kellogg's booth (they also give free shirts when you buy 150 php worth)
  • Grand Chase Special Limited Item Card from Level Up booth
  • Chewy Trail Mix from the Nature Valley booth (they are also selling the bars at 180 php buy 1 take 1)
  • Bottled Water from Maynilad booth (we also won their raffle for 2 tickets to FIBA championship at Ultra)
  • Mickey Mouse Kids Hat from Disney booth (this was only given to kids)
  • FREE testing of Skechers Shape-Up shoes from the Skechers booth 
          *after testing you get a free 500 gc and a chance to win a prize: pen, notebook, tank top (I thought
            this was a towel that we could give our dogs that's why we tried it!=) and a shirt

  • Ben 10 Stickers from Cartoon Network booth (after finishing the magnetic puzzle and spinnign the wheel)
By the time we finished claiming the freebies, all the booths were already closed except for the boxing ring and the photo booth which still had a long line.  It was so hot and we were already tired so we didn't bother with the photos and went home.

Overall, the race was organized.  Marshalls and waypoints were adequate.  There were many portlets.  There were no energy drinks.  Although the race fee for 5k was a bit expensive 600 php, Runrio announced that the proceeds will be donated to World Wildlife Federation (WWF).  The fair was fun too.  The UP Pep Squad even performed.

Cignal Booth

PLDT Booth

Merell Run Registration Booth

Dunkin Donuts for Sale

Cartoon Network games for kids

Basketball Court

Information Booth

Turning Point Again

1KM point

Turn Right

3K straight 5K right

Batibot Booth

Maynilad Dragon