Korean Drama Review: Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a drama which combines romance, comedy, melodrama and fantasy.  It is produced by SBS and has a total of 20 episodes.

The story revolves around an arrogant CEO Kim Joo Won who accidentally meets a stuntwoman Gil Ra Im.  The plot gets complicated at the episodes goes farther as more casts enter the scene.  It even becomes a bit weird when the fantasy part kicks in.

Although there were a few episodes that were a unnecessary, the way the story unfolded was brilliant.  I initially thought the fantasy part would be too ridiculous but how the story was made everything seem perfectly in place.

The story also revealed the characters well.  The characters had their own identity which made the movie fun to watch.  Aside from the main characters, I also enjoyed the sub stories.  The characters also have a good chemistry between them.

In conclusion, this is a must-watch.  The plot is unique and well-balanced.  The movie was not all fun, there were a bit of tear jerking scenes too.