Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2 in Full 3D

     When Kurt and I met again, 3 years ago, we went to see the first Kung Fu Panda movie.  We loved it so much that we just had to watch this.  We watched this in 3D at Robsinson's midtown (300 php/ticket comes with free regular drink and popcorn) I'm glad we did.  It was really awesome!!!

     The movie was consistent with the animation and storyline from the first movie.  When stories were told the animation was similar to pop-out story book style.

      Overall, the plot is good.  There was comedy, romance and drama.  The development and pacing was just right.  It was predictable yet still entertaining.  Some of the jokes were predictable but we had many laughs too.  It also had a moral value which makes it ideal even for little kids.

    The 3D was amazing and was essential for the enhancement of the movie.  From the start until the end, the 3d animation was superb.  The story telling was in 3D so it was cute.  Objects such as weapons, wood, debris, leaves, bamboo and everything else were great with 3D effects.   Even the characters looked better in 3D.  We could see them with their furs up close.  It reminded me of my life-sized stuff toy panda that I wanted to squish so much!^_^

     Overall, we found the movie light and entertaining.  This is probably one of the best animated sequels we have watched.