Nuffnang's Nuffamily Day at Crosswinds Tagaytay

Last week, we joined a Nuffnang's contest to be one of 50 lucky bloggers who will take part in its Nuffamily Day (see separate entry).   We were very fortunate to be chosen!

We arrived at Figaro B5 at around 2:15 p.m.  Soon, we were led to the Jac Liner Bus and we departed to go to Crosswinds Tagaytay.  Most of the bloggers came with their family.  But for us, its just Kurt and me.  We are practically like family.  Besides, our families are too busy making a living that we are the only ones available for this.

After an hour and a half, we arrived at our destination.  Cross Winds Swiss Luxury Resort was so hospitable that there was even a sign at the entrance welcoming Nuffnangers.

As we got off the bus, we were welcomed by the fresh aroma coming from numerous pine trees surrounding us.  The pine trees were beautiful.  The last time I saw pine trees so many healthy pine trees was a decade ago at Baguio City.  Just last summer, we visited the forest of the mountain provinces and saw pine trees drying up due to the drought so I was glad to see them seeking refuge at Cross Winds.

We followed the Nuffnang team uphill to our picnic site.  We set up our picnic blanket like the rest.  The day was perfect for a picnic.  The sky was beautiful and the air was fresh and clean.  

Ms. Trixie Esguerra of Nuffnang

Soon, the Nuffnang team started their speeches.  They started throwing out snacks.  We only got to grab the Vega so we have no idea what the other were.  They also distributed my favorite Fluffy Mamon from Goldilocks!  Kurt thinks our place was cursed because we were not given the Jollibee Crunchy Chicken Burger and Del Monte Pineapple Juice when everyone had one.  We just literally stared at other picnic mates as they munched on their burgers.
Everyone munching on their Jollibee Chicken Burger
Hep Hep Hooray
As soon as we thought that it was all about snacks, games ensued.  The games were "Bring me" (prize: 500 gc from 7-11), "Hep Hep Hooray", "Boat is sinking", "Manila Paper Dance" (prize: neo gift packs) and "Name that tune".  I have never been to a family picnic before so my idea of it just comes from cartoons and movies.  Based on watch I've watched,  I was kind of expecting games to be something interactive or requires team work like relays.  Since we were there, we participated and lost. Haha!
Manila paper dance winners
Winners with Neo Gift Packs
After a few games, pizza came.  We were given one box to share with our picnic neighbors.  We were also given Pizza Hut Mozzarella sticks.  I loved it.  But it is better when its hot.
Sharing our pizza with the picnickers beside us
Pizza Hut Mozzarella Sticks
Creative way to spell Nuffnang Contest
Last but not the least, the last contest everyone had been waiting for was the "Spell Nuffnang in a creative way" to win an overnight stay at Cross Winds.  All of the contestants were awarded a prize.

The last activity of the night and the best part was the lifting of lanterns.  Thank you to the one who helped me inflate my lantern when I was almost hopeless.=)
Lantern with instructions

Placing the wick at the lantern

Lighting the wick
Filling the lantern with hot air
Away it goes
Our lanterns flew into the dark skies
Nuffnangers lantern filled the dark sky
Nuffnangers going downhill with lootbags
It was a long day.  We all went downhill to ride our bus once again.  Please see our next entry Cross Winds Christmas Village (see separate entry) for continuation.