Our Doggie Divas Fashion Show Experience at SM Manila

I previously mentioned about the Doggie Divas Fashion Show (see separate entry).  It was our first time to join a fashion show so we woke up early to groom Lychee.  She had a bad hair day.  But that won't stop us.

Kurt Grooming Lychee Upon Arrival
Me and Lychee Before the Show

Each contestant walking the red carpet
Host talking to the partcipant
We arrived at the venue at exactly 2 p.m.  We were given a button pin with number 20 on it.  We were shocked to see many dogs there.  There were 35 contestants.  Most of them had their custom-made gowns and costumes.  Compared to them we were under-dressed.  Especially since we just bought Lychee's dress the day earlier at Tiendesitas for a measly 200 php. =p

Carribean Themed Chihuahua
      While waiting for the registration to be completed, the host was asking questions among the audience.  Kurt was raising his hand knowing all the answers but unfortunately he was never called.

At 2:30 p.m., the show started by parading the contestants around the upper ground floor.  Lychee was so happy to roam around at the mall.  While most pets wanted to be carried, Lychee was enjoying her walk.  As we returned to the event center, the three female judges were introduced.  They were judges chosen among the sponsors.  A brief information was given about them such as their profession (unrelated to dogs) and whether they had pets.

The participants were asked to walk along the red carpet and place their dogs at a table by the end for photograph.  Participants were divided into batches composing of five dog owners each.  Since we were number 20, we have at the fourth batch.  At the end of each batch, a spokesperson from the person discusses their products.  While waiting for our turn, Lychee kept rubbing her face trying to remove her big red glittery bow.  People wanted to take a picture of her but Lychee was a hyper dog so it was quite difficult to make her stay in one position.  Kurt also did not manage to take a single photo of us durign the show for the same reason.=(

When we were called, she walked straight to the table.  I place her their to have her pictures taken.  There were around 8 photographers.  I glanced at the judges but there weren't looking.

Soon, the participants for the guardian and dog category were called so we walked the carpet again.  After that it was the pair dogs turn.  After 30 minutes, the judges announced their decision and awarded the prizes.  As expected we didn't win anything.  The show ended as scheduled at around 5:00 p.m.

We quickly exchanged our button pin for our Alpo giveaway.  All contestants should have one but some of the contestants didn't get a chance to claim theirs because of the insufficiency of supplies.  Some of the contestants went home even before the giveaways were given.  (Probably because some non-contestants were given some)

Doggie Diva Winner
2nd place for Doggie Diva
3rd runner up for Doggie Diva
2 chihuahuas in similar dresses = best pair winner
(funny because we almost bought the same buy 1 take 1 for 300 dresses at Tiendesitas!)
2 chihuahuas pair up close

Mask man + Kid with wig = Guardian and Pet Winner

All 7 Winners
After the show, it rained.  Lychee loves the rain so we walked on the way home.  She had mud all over her feet so when we got home, we had to bathe her again.  It was a tiring day.

Overall, we are probably not for the fashion show type.   We didn't want to overdress her because we were too worried that it would make her feel uncomfortable.  We realized that Lychee will always be cute in our eyes.  It doesn't whether she wins based on others judgment.  To us, she will always be our "Doggie Diva."