Open You Hearts and Support Pencil Project

Everywhere around us we see poverty.  Most of us blame overpopulation.  But I believe it is because of lack of education.  Look at the news and you see public school students cramped up in one classroom or worse tent with holes.  

I recall my professor in Corporate Social Responsibility say that the act of helping should be continuous.  So I am always looking for ways were I can offer my help.  Fortunately, I discovered Pencil Project.  

      Hotelwithheart .com (HWH) in partnership with Dynamic Teen Company (DTC) launches its HWH Pencil Project Signature campaign which aims to provide pencils for underprivileged children being taught by DTC. By signing up on the HWH Facebook Page, HWH will donate 1 pencil to DTC for every signature collected.  They are hoping to raise 10,000 pencils to be donated.  So please support the campaign by simply signing up here  A few seconds of signing up will help a lot in the educational development of a child.  The campaign will run only until June 30, 2011 so sign up now and spread it to every one you know.

Here are the steps for signing up:

  1. Like
  2. Fill out the form in its Pencil project tab 
       3. Once you receive a confirmation like the one I had above, share the campaign
       4. If you're a blogger please blog about it too.

See press release here: