With Blackberry BBM interact with ease

BBM stands for  BlackBerry Messenger.  It's the coolest application on earth!  You could customize your profiles to personalize your profile, show others what your listening or simply let them know your status.

      I've had a phase in life when I became distant to people.  I thought I was hopeless... But then I got a Blackberry phone and tried BBM.  BBM has helped me reconnect with old friends even as our lives lead us to busy schedules.  Things just got better and better for me.  A friend introduced me to a girl who I would never forget in my entire life.
      Although I was nervous, BBM made it easy for me...  Never thought I could express myself to a girl so well.  BBM grants me the power to express in REAL-TIME.
      After years of messaging and sharing pictures with each other through BBM, we finally met.  It was like we already knew each other.  She was so impressed with me everytime I fetched her on time.  Thanks to BBM GPS. =)
        Until now, I still keep in touch with my friends.  Just recently, my friend sent me a BBM message.
       With BBM, we could interact with ease with REAL-TIME expression.  This is just my story.  How about yours? 

I love BBM so much I want to upgrade to a Blackberry Bold  9780

*Names changed to conceal identity
*photo courtesy of Blackberry and Blackberry Pin Fan Page