Royce' PotatoChip Chocolate Original

A few years ago, my cousin used to give us Royce Nama Chocolate (Chocolate Staff) from Japan.  We used to eat it often and have tasted all its common flavors.  Recently, we noticed Royce Chocolate opening at Robinson's Midtown. 

We noticed there was a Royce' PotatoChip Chocolate Original (worth 990 php) and decided to try it.  As we opened the box, it contained a vacuum sealed bag and inside it were chocolate-covered potato chips.  The potato chip was only covered by Royce chocolate only on one side.

As I munched on the potato chip, the taste was similar to the chocolate with sea salt chocolate bars I've tried before.  The unique sensation was the combination of the crunchiness of the potato chip and  the smoothness of the chocolate-cover.  I also really liked how the chocolate was not too sweetened perfectly complemented by the salt.

As I was eating, I realized that the salty potato chip should touch the tongue first and not vice versa so that you will first taste the saltiness before the chocolatey taste.  If it was done otherwise, the chocolate-cover will overwhelm the saltiness of the potatochip.  
Overall, it was delicious and quite addicting.  It doesn't get too tiring to eat that you could finish one bag in one sitting.  However, its not something I'd see myself craving over.

Royce' Chocolates
1st Level, Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico Sts., Ermita
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines