Bo's P15 brewed coffee and P50 froccino promo

In celebration of their 15 years with 50 stores, Bo's Coffee is offering their P15 brewed coffee and P50 froccino promo. 

1. Every Tuesday and Thursday from June 28 to July 21, 2011, Bo's Coffee will offer the following items 
    at reduced prices in all its stores nationwide:
          a. Brewed coffee: P15 for short size from 10:00AM to 3:00PM
          b. Froccino primo: P50 for tall size from 3:00 to 7:00PM in all stores, and in 24-hour stores, also 
              from 12 midnight to 4:00AM
2.  Sizes other than the ones enumerated above will be sold at the usual price.
3.  A customer may order a maximum of two (2) items under this promo in one transaction. We're doing 
     this so that we could serve everybody.
4.  This promo is not valid in conjunction with other promos.
5.  This promo is applicable to all Bo's Coffee branches nationwide except for stores in airports (NAIA1, 
     NAIA3, Cebu Mactan).

I was just craving for their Espresso Crumble the other day.  I'm so glad they have this promo.  Their Espresso Crumble is only of the best cold coffee I have ever tasted!  It has real chunky coffee beans that you can munch on while drinking your froccino.  

It's a pity that they only have a few branches here in Manila.  We only get to drink Bo's whenever we walk our dogs at MOA.  Because of the rainy weather, we were unable to take our dogs there for quite some time.  This promo is a good excuse to make my way there just to buy myself an Espresso Crumble Froccino Primo.  See you there!